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Oliver Twist, Dickens's second novel and second (and final) collaboration with the artist George Cruikshank was published monthly in Bentley's Miscellany between 1837 and 1839. The illustrations Cruikshank produced, such as 'Oliver Asking for More' and 'Fagin in the Condemned Cell' have become iconic, and are part of our our visual imagination when we think of Oliver Twist. Indicative of the close collaboration between Dickens and Cruikshank on the novel is Cruikshank's then controversial claims in the 1870s (after Dickens had died) that he had suggested plot ideas and characters to Dickens. The illustrations below are taken from the 'Authentic Edition' of Dickens's works (1901-1906) and reproduce Cruikshank's original illustrations, with a coloured frontispiece.

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