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Published monthly between 1838 and 1839, Nicholas Nickleby is Dickens's third novel. To gather material, at the end of January 1838, Dickens and the illustrator Hablot Knight Browne ('Phiz') travelled up to Yorkshire to research the region's boarding schools and their treatment of children. Dickens and Browne visited Bowes Academy which in the novel became Dotheboy's Hall, and they met a man called William Shaw, who would become Squeers, as well as other locations and people that were eventually turned into places and characters in the novel, and steel etchings by Browne. Interestingly, for the trip, Dickens, due to his increasing fame, adopted the pseudonym of 'Mr. Knight Browne'.  The illustrations below are taken from the 'Authentic Edition' of Dickens's works (1901-1906) and reproduce 'Phiz's' original illustrations, with a coloured frontispiece.

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